Pentecost production photos

01 October 2014

Stewart Parker's last play Pentecost is set 40 years ago during the Ulster Workers' Council Strike and has been revived in this anniversary year.

An excellent local cast star in Pentecost at the Lyric Theatre until 18 October. Judith Roddy plays Marian, a Catholic antiques dealer, who is trying to deal with her past and move on with her life. The house she buys at the height of the 1974 strike is haunted by the ghost of Lily Matthews, played by Carol Moore. Marian's peace is further disrupted when her ex-husband Lenny (Paul Mallon), his friend Peter (Will Irvine) and her friend Ruth (Roisin Gallagher) all arrive for different reasons seeking a refuge.
Paul Mallon on the set of PentecostPaul Mallon as Lenny in PentecostJudith Roddy as Marian in PentecostJudith Roddy and Carol Moore in Pentecost
Roisin Gallagher as Ruth in PentecostWill Irvine as Lenny in PentecostWill Irvine and Paul Mallon in PentecostWill Irvine, Paul Mallon, Judith Roddy and Roisin Gallagher in Pentecost
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