In Rehearsal: Death of a Comedian

12 January 2015

Rehearsals are now underway for the new play by award-winning playwright Owen McCafferty.

A powerful and deliciously dark comic story about the price of success in the world of stand-up comedy, Death of a Comedian stars Brian Doherty as Steve Johnston - a small-time stand-up comedian with strong opinions about the modern world, aspirations for breaking into the big time, and a reoccurring joke about buying a racehorse.  When a well-known agent (Shaun Dingwall) offers to represent him it seems that his moment has arrived, but his girlfriend (Katie McGuinness) isn't convinced about the agent's motives.  Will Steve get everything he wants - the fame, the money and the girl - or will he lose something even more precious in his pursuit of glory?

Directed by Soho Theatre Artistic Director Steve Marmion (The One, Pastoral, The Night Before Christmas and written by one of our country's greatest playwright's, the award-winning Owen McCafferty (Quietly, Scenes From The Big Picture), it marks an exciting collaboration between the Lyric, the Abbey Theatre and the Soho Theatre.

Death of a Comedian will be on the Danske Bank stage from February 7 - March 1.

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