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"I don't want to be a funny man. I want to be a comedian."

23 January 2015

The new deliciously dark comedy by award-winning playwright Owen McCafferty arrives at the Lyric Theatre. View the trailer now.

"beautifully written, directed with brio and perfectly performed"

26 September 2014

Pentecost is making an impact with critics across the board...

Pentecost - what the audience thinks...

25 September 2014

Check out what audiences are saying about the hugely powerful Pentecost at the Lyric.

The Building of Lily Matthews' House

15 September 2014

Pentecost is being built at the Lyric...

This is Punk Rock

10 August 2014

Punk Rock is an intense and powerful piece of theatre, by Simon Stephens, who has been described as the most prolific British Playwright of his generation.

Declan Rodgers Video Diary - 2

24 June 2014

Star of Can't Forget About You gives us a sneaky peek backstage!

Declan Rodgers Video Diary

18 June 2014

We've been following star of Can't Forget About You Declan Rodgers during rehearsals for this hilarious comedy. Check out Declan's thoughts about the show and the process leading up to opening night!

#CFAY What are the audiences saying?

17 June 2014

We spoke to members of the audience at a recent performance of Can't Forget About You playing until 05 July.

Can't Forget About You - Meet the cast

16 June 2014

Find out more about the Lyric's hilarious comedy running until 05 July!

How Many Miles to Babylon? - An Interview with Catherine Cusack

20 May 2014

We talk to Catherine Cusack, who plays Alicia Moore in the Lyric's flagship production of How Many Miles to Babylon?

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