Northern Bank gets in on the act

23 April 2012 (0 Comments)

Northern Bank Lyric Lead, Lorraine Lauder, works as Service Manager in Lending Services in Belfast and is also passionate about theatre.

Actors Alan McKee and Allie Ford welcome Northern Bank Lyric Lead Lorraine Lauder on to the set of The Civilisation Game on the Northern Bank Stage

As a keen theatre-goer, Lorraine volunteers as a Lyric Lead to promote and fully participate in Northern Bank's major partnership with the Lyric. She writes:

I visited the set of The Civilisation Game on Thursday morning for a quick photocall with two of the actors in the play. The set is still in the early stages but shaping up well and easily manages to convey a bright modern kitchen in a suburban home. As I popped my head through the 'conservatory door' I was greeted by Alan McKee (one half of comedy duo Grimes and McKee) and Allie Ford (Give My Head Peace), who very quickly made me feel almost like one of the cast of this dark comedy thriller which is set to run throughout May. Having attended the read through of the first act, in my capacity as a Northern Bank Lyric Lead, I thought it was extremely funny. I now eagerly await seeing the entire play to see if the cast actually do act in a 'civilised' manner when confronted by an intruder.

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